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This is the first page displayed after you log in. Check here for news, announcements and updates from your pool admin regarding your pool.

Message Board
Do some trash talking, speculate on which team will win the Super Bowl or just share your thoughts with your fellow players. You can always edit or remove your posts if you say something you later regret. You can sign up for notifications in your profile so receive emails when a message has been posted.

Note that the Administrator reserves the right to remove any posts deemed inappropriate, so please play nice. Also note that old posts may be removed periodically to save space.

Weekly Pool

Entry Form
Make or edit your picks for the current week. See the pool rules for details on entering picks.

This page shows each player's picks, tiebreaker and score for a given week. Note that picks made by other players are hidden from view until those games are locked. The Administrator may view all picks, however, regardless of their lock status.

Game scores are updated by the website who should have them entered around the end of each game. You can set up notifications in your profile to be updated when game scores have been entered. Winners for each week's pool are automatically calculated so once all the scores are in, the winner(s) will be shown here.

Here you will find a list of the winners for each week's pool as well as the individual statistics for each player in your pool.

Weekly Standings
This gives the teams weekly standings. This information is also used in the weekly entry and survivor entry to help you with your picks.

Survivor Pool

Entry Form
Make or edit your pick for the survivor pool up until the games are locked. See pool rules for details on entering picks.

This page shows each player's picks and who is still Alive and who has been Eliminated.

Playoffs Pools

Playoffs Entry Form
Make or edit your picks for the playoffs pool. Note that you will not be able to pick a game until the website has updated the playoffs schedule. This will be done as soon as the games have been determined.

Playoffs Results
Shows each player's picks and score for the playoffs pool.


Weekly Schedule
This page let's you view the schedule week-by-week. By default the current week will be displayed but you can jump to any week using the links at the bottom of the page. The display includes scores when available.

Team Schedules
You can view any team's schedule here by selecting its name from the drop-down list. Again, scores are displayed when available.

Playoffs Schedule
Here you can view the schedule and scores for the playoff games.

This page displays the current standings for all NFL teams. From here you can click on a team name to view its schedule.

My Account

Account Summary
Here you'll find a list of all credits and debits on your account along with your current balance (note that Eastern Time is used when logging the date and time of transactions). You'll also find a summary of any pool winnings you've earned.

Entry fees for each pool are automatically charged to your account once the pool starts.

Change Password
You can use this form to change your password. If you've forgotten your password, contact your pool admin to reset your password.

Edit Profile
This page allows you to update your personal information. It is intended to allow the Administrator to contact you.

Login here with your username and password. If you're having trouble logging in, contact your pool admin to reset your password. If you are inactive for several minutes, your session may timeout. When this happens, the next time you try to access a page you will automatically be sent back to the login page. Just sign in again and you may then continue with whatever you were doing.

For information on how to play, see the pool rules.

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